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Monday, October 25, 2010

On The Go Ponchos are stocking on my hyena cart.

Believe it or not it is fall!!! In fact here in Indiana our first measurable snowfall usually happens in about 3 weeks....SO it is time to start thinking about keeping our little ones warm in the cold weather. My On The Go Ponchos are the safe and easy way to keep your little one warm on the move. As you may or may not know, kids are not supposed to be strapped into their carseats wearing a heavy coat because it does not allow the straps to be tightened enough, that is where my ponchos come in. My ponchos feature an opening so you can flare the poncho out and have nothing between your child and their carseat or the straps. These are one of a kind and offer several features that you won't find anywhere else. My ponchos have a hood that snaps on so the opening can be in the back for safely strapping your baby in the carseat or in the front which is perfect for when you are babywearing. My ponchos also offer my exclusive snap out lining which allows you to have a single layer poncho and a double layer poncho all in one. Just snap the lining out for the chilly days and snap it in for those bitter cold days. You can check out more pictures and place your order here:

If you don't see a fabric you like just email me at fashionablygreenbaby@yahoo.com and I am sure I can find something you love!

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