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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Revamping worn out g diaper liners!!!

So if you are like me you probably hate to throw things out. Especially when you spent good money on them. Well one kind of diaper I have in my stash is g diapers. Although I do like my g's I have always been more than a little annoyed at how quickly the snap in liners get worn out. I have a skinny legged baby and once they get stretched out we have leaks like mad. Well since they get to this point within a matter of a few months I decided I must do something about it. Here is a quick tutorial on giving new life to those worn out liners......and for all those mamas who don't sew or don't have time I do offer this service!!! (just email me)
Step 1: Take the worn out liner and remove all of the elastic binding with a seam ripper.
Step 2: Using 5/8 inch plush FOE (I buy mine from foeyourdiaper.com ) you need to bind the liner. Stretch as tightly as possible while you are sewing and use a long stitch length.
Step 3: when you get back to the starting point I like to flip it over and straight stitch it down like they do with the original binding.

Step 4: admire you work : )

This is probably what your worn out liner looks like. Take that stuff off.This is a side by side of the worn out liner (with binding still attached) next to the revamped liner. WOW!

And this is your revamped liner next to that brand new g diaper liner.

***NOTE*** This is not the same elastic binding that is on g liners however it holds up much longer in my experience and honest opinion.


  1. Great! I just messaged you about this & night time ones too!!!

  2. Great! The nighttime liners have been very popular! Lots of g users really want to be able to use their g diapers all the time but night time can be tricky so at the request of some people I came up with the night time liners : )

  3. I am SO glad I found this post. I was looking into buying several new liners and was torn by how much it would cost. You saved us $40. It didn't even cross my mind to try and fix the elastic myself. I'm breathing easier now.

  4. how much of the foe do you use for one liner, would you say? I have like 15 and I want to get enough.

  5. This is great but I have a question (sorry if it seems silly!)... Why can't you just fold the FOE over the existing, worn out elastic? Why go the extra effort of ripping it out? I've never used FOE before so perhaps it's obvious if you've used it. Just wondering. Thanks!!!